Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Illustration Friday - Mail

This week Illustration Friday is seeking for illustrations around the topic "Mail".

Although "mail" has a very large meaning, first thing came to my mind was the poor envelopes which carries the precious letters in themselves,  shiled themselves to protect them, go from one hand to another until reaching the destination and at the end just to be murdered gruesomely!

I want to dedicate this post to all envelopes, who served their owner with their lives.

For all envelopes:

an envelope's tragedy
Thanks for watching;

Monday, 13 December 2010

Photo Challenge No: 2 - Christmas Signs

It's been a while since I started publishing Photo Challenges yet I published only one. It doesn't mean that we didn't carry on challenging ourselves. Oh yes, we did! I just didn't have time to publish them but they will all come. 

I'm going to share our very last challenge from 09.December.2010. When we went to London for my visa application, Kasia challenged me for "Christmas Signs". Any sight of this season, little pretty things come along with Christmas. I said, bring it on! 

So we spent a marvelous day out and took some pictures. Again they are open for your votes. You will decide which photograph has what it takes. Choose the best photograph which brings you the Christmas atmosphere the most. 

The photographs will be anonymous until the end of the poll. The poll is at the top right corner of the page. Vote for the number of the photo you like.

Here they are:


(1) Christmas Shopping

(2) Choosing the Right Ornament

(3) Christmas Me, Christmas You

(4) Barbie Wonderland

(5) Sweet Display

(6) Christmas Lights
Thank you for voting;
fab & kash

Friday, 3 December 2010

fotoGra - Light

I'm starting to take part in a new kind of challenge: fotoGra!

Like every useful stuff, I found this thanks to Kasiko and it comes from this website:


They also do other challenges like fotolift (which you need to set the same conditions given and take a picture of it) so you better have a look!

This fotoGra's topic is "light". I have few pictures which I couldn't decide which one is my favourite, so I'll publish them all. They are all from our last visit to Turkey with Kash.

Here we go!
Lights from Bagdat Avenue/Istanbul
Lights from Tophane/Istanbul
Light from Ortakoy/Istanbul
Light from Findikli/Istanbul
Thanks for watching;

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Illustration Friday - Spent

Last week's topic at Illustration Friday was "spent". It gave me the idea of piggy bank but then this idea let me somewhere else and I ended up with the drawing below. It is also a bit late as the new topic "afterwards" came along but anyway, here I am!

The message in the drawing is in Turkish as it is a message more towards Turkish and Muslim worlds. It's nothing serious, more like a innocent joke. It asks "Does the money which come from the piggy bank legitimate?". It is an allusion to the issue of eating porke. As you know it is not allowed in Muslim culture.

That's it!

Piggy Bank

Thanks for watching;

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I accepted my friend Ozlem's challenge and against her marvelous illustration of me, I illustrated her!

First I looked for tutorials, cartoon style drawings etc. Challenge was big!

But then I thought "why look for another style?" I have my own style which was abandoned for a very long time. It might not reflect the reality most of the time, still, this style is something I can call "mine"!

I hope Ozlem appreciates too! 

Thanks for watching;

PS: Ozlem does brilliant illustrations and lomography. You better check her out:

Monday, 25 October 2010

Illustration Friday - Racing

Illustration Friday is asking us to illustrate "racing" this week. So I did!

I hope you liked it.

Also I followed a tutorial in order to create this illustration. I would like to thank him as well and maybe you can find it useful:

Thanks for watching;

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Illustration Friday - Spooky

This week Illustration Friday requires illustrations around the topic "Spooky" and I have just the scene in my archive!

This drawing was a poster for our Halloween Costume Party last year. It was a great party! I was Incredible Hulk!

Less talk, more illustration. There it is:

Conflict in the Halloween Village
And there is the poster itself:

Halloween Costume Party

 Thanks for watching;

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Illustration Friday - Transportation

This week's topic at Illustration Friday is "Transportation". I tried to think out of the box and there was an umbrella to use, so, with Kasiko's help I came up with this drawing. 

A little girl with a big imagination is travelling across the London sky at night with her red umbrella and red dress... Where is she going? Maybe to meet Harry Potter before he catches his train to Hogwarts from King's Cross, maybe somewhere else you know.


girl with the red umbrella, ela, ela

Thanks for watching;

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I drew it! Yes, I did!

It's been such a long time!

It was few weeks ago, I started. The topic was "immovable" on Illustration Friday. I had a great idea and started drawing but time flies by like sand in our hands, through our fingers. I apologize from everyone but first from myself for being such a lazy bone! Time never stops and it never will. If we don't make the most of it, it is wasted. I hate wasting!

But I believe I didn't do too badly. At least I finished what I started. And now I am sharing with you.

For Illustration Friday, for the topic "immovable", I present, THE AVATAR AANG!

It was drawn by me, completely digitally on photoshop, using mouse and several photoshop tools and by refering several tutorials such as how to draw a rock, how to draw aang etc. but nothing is copied. For the tutorials, I'd like to thank to DragoArt.com.

So, that's it. I know some of you are complaining that I used to write and publish more but here is the deal. Drawing or painting takes a lot more time and energy and at the end you end up with a single drawing instead of pages of writing. It looks less but not less valuable. I am merely trying new things. That's a good thing!

Thanks for watching and see you soon;

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Illustration Friday - Star Gazing

Another week, another challenge. This week's topic at Illustration Friday is "Star gazing". 

Luckily, what I painted last week is a perfect fit for this week's topic too! But then it wouldn't be a challenge, would it? So I decided to try myself on the digital side. I illustrated the same image, this time on my laptop. Here we go!

You can compare with the hand painting version, which is my favorite and can be found in the previous post of last week (scroll down!).

Thanks for watching!


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Illustration Friday - Caged

This week's topic at Illustration Friday is "Caged".

I thought of drawing a cage or something similar in the first place but after spending some time on the idea, I managed to jump out of the box realized you don't really need a cage to be caged. You might get stuck anywhere, any time and it is not necessarily behind the bars. It might be your work, your school, your city, your country and even your planet. So this was the starting point of my inspiration and first I wanted to draw a human stuck on earth beneath colourful sky but then I looked further in the sky and I saw a little alien, who was stuck on an ugly, smelly planet and I promised him that I would share his story with you so if anyone has a space shuttle, they would know this cute little alien is waiting to be rescued.

There is my little friend, caged by his planet.

I really like this painting and Kasia says I'm getting better at this.

I hope you enjoyed.

See you another week;

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Illustration Friday - Diary

This week's topic at Illustration Friday is "Diary"

This illustration is a first for many aspects. First time I illustrated literally by hand, using pencil for Illustration Friday. First time I used mixed media for an illustration: Sketching, photography and digital manipulation. Another first (and the most important) is this is my first time inking and colouring in in photoshop and I absolutely loved it! It is easier than I though. I found some good tutorials on youtube and just followed the pattern. The result is more than satisfactory! I wanted to learn this tecnique for a long time and thanks to Kasia I gave it a go and after 5-6 days of trying, I have my first digital colouring example. 

I hope you like it too. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment. There is my illustration for this week's topic: Diary

Thanks for watching!


1. I borrowed the background pattern from the web. Googled it and it was on the first page. I hope I don't get myself in any trouble. =) Thanks guys! There is the website:

2. As I said I watched some tutorials on youtube. If you're interested, there are some links for you as well:

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Illustration Friday - Satellite

This week's topic at Illustration Friday is "Satellite". I didn't have time to do any fresh illustrations but I didn't want to miss out this chance to post some of my old drawings as I'm very much a "moon person" and I love the following drawings.

Here they are:

This one was illustrated for a short story of mine which was inspired after an injury I had back in 2005. The original story is in the following link but it is in Turkish...


Following illustrations are from the same short story I wrote in 2008 and it was inspired by one of my dreams (maybe a nightmare) about the bad things happening in my country (Turkey) and a lady was telling me it was about to be too late... Again you can visit following the link to see the original story but it is in Turkish...


So that's it for this week's illustraions.

Thanks for watching!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Fablamaca T-shirts Are Ready!

Finally! Where is my 10.000th visitor?!

The t-shirts that I promised for my loyal readers are finally ready. You might ask why I say "t-shirts" because the promised prize was for the 10.000th visitor only. I changed my mind. There was a comment for the post that I was looking for the 10.000th visitor, asking: 

Eddie Ferrero said... "Anything for being the 10,001st visitor Fatih? Also, do you know Gevende?"

Eddie is a good friend of mine and also my first "Couch Surfing Host". It really touched me when he asked "anything for being the 10.001st" and I thought "why not?" He will be getting a t-shirt as well as Malika the 10.000th visitor. But I don't know about Gevende, Eddie. What does Gevende mean?!

Are you curious about the t-shirts? I thought so! Thanks to Kasia (http://worqshop.blogspot.com/) and her brilliant idea, we took lovely pictures of them:

Malika! Eddie! If I can get the addresses, t-shirts are ready to be posted, waiting for their owners. 

The t-shirts are desinged and produced completely by me. Primark wanted to be the sponsor for the garments, so I didn't refuse them. 

As you see my dear readers. Be proud of this privilege of being a reader of Fablamaca and who knows, you might be rewarded as well!

Thanks for watching;

Friday, 25 June 2010

Illustration Friday - Paisley

This week's topic at Illustration Friday is "Paisley". Lovely and well known pattern. So I did my own design but I can't say that it's a great job. It was much better before the "green" mistake though. I'm still new in painting... 

Anyway, enjoy.

Thanks for watching;

Friday, 18 June 2010

Daha Karpuz Keseceğidik!

Fablamaca, Mothandmoth'a konuk oldu!

Fab olarak geçtiğimiz hafta değerli arkadaşım Muammer'in zevkle izlediğimiz bloğu mothandmoth.blogspot.com'a konuk yazar olarak davet edilmiştim ve sağolsun kendisi benim zırvalarımı yayınlamaya değer görmüş. Mothandmoth'a konuk olmak Fablamaca ailesi için bir onurdur. "Körler, sağırlar, birbirilerini ağırlar" türü bir kültür alışverişi işte.

Fablamaca üyesi olan herkes aşağıdaki linke tıklayarak üye adı ve şifrelerini girerek yazıyı okuyabilecekler...

O ne bee?! Hemen de inanıyosunuz he! Yazı burada olmasa da halen bizim yazımızdır. Hemen gidip okuyabilirsiniz:

Gitmişken eliniz boş dönmeyin. Mothandmoth'da biraz gezinin. Sonuçta misafirliğe gidiyoruz. Bunların hepsi Google Analytics'de çıkıyo. Sonra Muammer bana "bak senden gelen bağlantılar sayfayı 8 saniye içinde terketmiş, senin okuyucu kitlesi fotoğraflara bakıp kapatıyo" diye gelmesin. Beni rezil etmeyin! Hem zaten benim yazdıklarımı okuduktan sonra oradakileri hayli hayli okursunuz diye tahmin ediyorum. Aklı başında, düzgün yazılar. Biz ailecek takip ediyoruz. Dileyenlere bir link de burada:


What about my English readers? My readers who can read English but who are not necessarilly English but more than welcome even though they are English.

Probably you're wondering what the heck is going on on Fablamaca. Let me tell you. I was invited as a guest writer in a brilliant blog (http://mothandmoth.blogspot.com/) and my short story was published there just yesterday. So I was letting you guys know that you could go and read at this address:

But there is one thing I need to warn you about: This story is in Turkish...

Anyway, I didn't forget about you. You didn't come all this way for nothing. I have something to entertain you as well:

See! I said that I had entertainment for you. I believe it also helps you to appreciate my poor English...

Thanks for coming.

Have fun,
it's the only way;

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Illustration Friday - Ripple

This week's topic in Illustration Friday is "Ripple". First I didn't know the meaning of this word but then I checked in the dictionary and on the web. Eventually this week's topic became quite inspiring for me. First time I freshly illustrated for IF and it helped me to understand what a great website and idea IF is. It can really inspire you.

Recently I'm quite into painting on a canvas (this is my second to be honest) and here it is my illustration for this week's topic. I call it "Ripple". (Surprise!)

I painted this last night after midnight although I had to go to work today. Late coming inspiration can be more pleasurable sometimes. After 2 o'clock I went to sleep happy and smiling. 

There is also a picture of the whole canvas for you:

I really like painting this 10x10cm canvases. Maybe I can go for bigger sizes soon. I'm really pleased with this one. 

I hope you enjoyed.

Hope to see you next week;

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Tartan Trickster

The reason I publish this post is helping out an old friend. (Actually we are not friends. I just watched his show more than a few times in London and Edinburgh. Anyway.)

If you are a good follower (I know you are!) you might know, I posted a video here via YouTube, long ago. 9.October.2008, to be exact. That video was starring a marvelous street artist, a magician, a trickster, James James aka The Tartan Trickster! (Applause!)

Let's have a look at this remarkable show again:

Spectacular, isn't it? I watched many shows on streets. Do you know what the most important thing in this business is? Making people laugh! It's all about that and audience's laugh makes a show great. James obviously know that better than anyone.

Anyway, James send me a message couple days ago and asked me if I could advertise his new blog under my YouTube video. I thought "I can do better than that" and here I am. Sharing this information with you and helping an old friend.

There is the link you need to click on it:

You have to go and watch this guy live! I'm sure you can get some information on his blog about where to catch him but as I know he is a regular in Covent Garden. He says "Don't walk away. If you don't have any money, just come forward and shake my hand." But he is being too polite. After the show go forward with at least a fiver in your hand, ok?

I've done my job. The rest is yours.

Have fun,
it's the only way;


Friday, 28 May 2010

Illustration Friday - Early

This week's topic in Illustration Friday is 'Early'. So, here there are my long-before-produced drawings for a little story called "A Transfer Story"...

Thanks for watching!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Photo Challenge No:1 and 10.000th Visitor of Mine

I'm here to make 2 announcements about 2 previous posts today:

Photo Challenge No:1 - B&W is concluded. After your votes, photographs were arranged as following:

According to this, I'm the winner of our first photo challenge. Thanks for voting! (What shall I get for myself?)

Also many thanks to Kash for participating.

Next photo challenge will take place soon in a very exciting place! Your votes are more than welcome.

10.000th Visitor of Mine: Malika!

Malika El-Fourasi became Fablamaca's 10.000th visitor with the comment she left:

Thank you for your loyalty Mali!
Malika's gift is going to be a very special, limited edition, hand made, wait for it....... FABLAMACA T-SHIRT! WOOOHOOOO!

This t-shirt will be the very first of its kind and be produced completely by me. (Primark accepted to be the sponsor for the garment.) Even I don't have one!

Congratulations Malika!!


Stay tuned! 
Fablamaca is beneficial for everyone!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Illustration Friday - Detective

Thanks to Kash, I found this website, Illustration Friday. Basically it challenges you every week with a topic and you can participate with an illustration. This is my first week. You can get more information about Illustration Friday from Illustration Friday. (Click!)

This week's topic is: Detective.

This is an old drawing of mine but why not? Here we go!

Thanks for watching...

Saturday, 10 April 2010

2010 Blog Ödülleri

2010 Blog Ödülleri, BÖ!, sahiplerini arıyor. 

Toplam 17 kategoride, binlerce blogcunun katıldığı 2010 Blog Ödülleri'nde Fablamaca da yerini aldı. Gidin, gezin, favori blogunuz Fablamaca'yı destekleyin! Alpella sponsorluğundaki "Kişisel Bloglar Kategorisi"nde bizi bulabilirsiniz.

İşte Fablamaca'ya ulaşıp oylayabileceğiniz link:


Daha çok sevdiğiniz bir blog mu var? Daha iyisini mi gördünüz? Hemen ona oyunuzu verin. Beni hiç düşünmeyin. İyi olan kazansın. Bana da söyleyin ben sana oy vermedim, ona oy verdim diye. Biz de bilelim dostumuzu düşmanımızı... (Şaka!)

Şaka bir yana, bu blog ödülleri güzel bir olay. Bi gidin, bakın, vaktiniz varsa oylayın. Bir çok yeni, ilgi çekici, yaratıcı blogla karşılaşabilir, zevkten dört köşe olabilirsiniz. Kesin kazanır dediğiniz bloglar varsa buradan yorum bırakıp paylaşabilirsiniz. Sonuçlar açıklandığında eğer tutan varsa "Fablamaca hayranları blog ödülleri dağıtılmadan kazananı açıkladı!" diye hava yaparız.

Sizler için reklam filmini de ayağınıza kadar getiriyoruz. Buyrun!

Şimdilik bu kadar. Kısa bir bilgilendirme. "Beni sizler var ettiniz!" diyebileceğim bir destek bekliyorum sizden!

İyi eğlenceler;


My dear "who can't read in Turkish but can cope with English" readers.

This post is mostly for Turkish readers, I'm afraid. Fablamaca took place in a blog contest in Turkey called "2010 Blog Ödülleri" (which means 2010 blog awards) and is asking for your support. This is a big contest, unfortunately limited by Turkey, happening around 17 categories and many sponsors.

I have no doubt you would go and support me with your votes but the web page is completely in Turkish. So, I understand if you can't support me.

Just for your information, there is the web page's address:


And there is another link you can go to my page to vote for me:


Thanks for your time. I'll let you know when I win the contest.

Thanks for reading;

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Search for the 10.000th Visitor

Hello my dear visitors. Hello all 9.999 of you!

As you know (or not) Fablamaca's visitor traffic has been checked by Google Analytics since the day my dear friend Deniz Oktar helped me to set up my Google Analytics account in August, 2007.

Since then, Fablamaca welcomed 9.999 visitors. Some of them stayed, checked the other pages of Fablamaca, spent 5 minutes and 18 seconds within Fablamaca, some of them just left but all of them are welcomed as our visitors. What's more, this post is the 99th post in Fablamaca! (I found it interesting, ok?)

I came accross with this significant detail today by chance and I decided to share with my followers. An also who ever becomes the 10.000th visitor by leaving a comment under this post first will receive a special prize from Fablamaca. 

Thanks for following Fablamaca;


Merhaba pek değerli Fabırcıklarım. 9.999'unuza birden merhaba!

Bildiğiniz (belki de öğrenmek üzere olduğunuz) gibi Fablamaca'nın ziyaretçi trafiği Google Analytics tarafından, Ağustos 2007 tarihinden beri kontrol edilmekte. (Bana Google Analytics hesabımı kazandıran pek değerli arkadaşım Deniz Oktar'a teşekkürler.)

O zamandan bu zamana, Fablamaca 9.999 ziyaretçi tarafından ziyaret edildi. Kimisi kaldı, diğer sayfaları kontrol etti, sitede 5 dakika 18 saniye harcadı, kimisi hemen çıktı ama her biri bizim ziyaretçimiz oldu. Bunun yanında bu yazı, Fablamaca'da yayınlanan 99. yazı oldu! (Bana ilginç geldi.)

Bu oldukça ilginç detayla bugün şans eseri karşılaştım ve sizinle paylaşmaya karar verdim. Hatta kim bu yazının altına yorum bırakarak 10.000'inci ziyaretçi olursa, Fablamaca'dan özel bir hediye kazanacak.

Fablamaca'yı izlediğiniz için teşekkürler;

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Akla Düşen Düşünceler No:20100328 - EN-Bİ

[English version is at the bottom.]

Fablamaca'nın aklına akla düşen düşüncelere dönüş yapmak düştü.

Farkettim ki İngilizce akla Türkçe gibi düşmüyor. Türkçe düştü mü güzel düşüyor...

En Bi Hediyelik facebook üzerinden hayranlarına hediyeler dağıtıyor! Kaliteli paşmina ve şallarını son derece takdir ettiğimiz firma facebook'daki sayfasında toplanan hayranlarına çekilişle yüzlerce paşmina ve şal dağıtmaya hazırlanıyor. Çekiliş 31 Mart tarihinde yapılacak. İşte gerekli bağlantı: tıkla!

Diesel harika bir kampanyaya imza atmış. Facebook'da Bengü'nün yapıştırdığı videodan yakaladığım bu harika detay kesinlikle paylaşmaya değer. 
Kampanyalarının adı "Be Stupid". (Bu noktada söylemek zorundayım ki İngilizce bu tür durumlarda kulağa daha hoş geliyor. Türkçe'sini söylesem "Aptal ol". Oldu mu şimdi?) Kendilerine çok iyi bir argüman bulmuşlar (be stupid, videoyu izleyin) ve bunu basit ama çekici bir internet sitesiyle desteklemişler. Sitede içinde belirli sayıda kelimelerin bulunduğu bir kutucuk var ve burada bu kelimeleri yeniden düzenleyerek kendi dilediğinizi yazabiliyor, bunu diğerlerinin görmesi için kaydedebiliyor hatta bir de kopyasını bilgisayarınıza indirebiliyorsunuz. Yarım saat başından kalkamadım. İşte benim yazdıklarım:

Eurovision şarkısını duydum geçenlerde. Ben pek emin olamadım. Siz ne diyorsunuz? (Bir de Türkçe'sini dinledim şarkının, aslında şarkı fena değil. Bir şakıyı ana dilinden başka bir dile devşirmek kolay iş değil ve zannımca bir çok durumda yapılmaması gereken bir aktivite.)

Ayrıca Eurovision Turkey internet sitesi ancak bu kadar kötü yapılabilirmiş. Linkler çalışmıyor, ikonlar çalışmıyor, resimler çalışmıyor, sayfanın inanılmaz amatör bir görüntüsü var. Tam "Türk işi". Eurovision'u çok taktığımdan değil ama "Avrupa'ya açılan pencere" falan diye zırvalayanlara "Pencereden bunu mu gösteriyorsunuz?" diye sormak istiyorum!

Gmail'den mail gönderirken, maili yazmamı takiben gönder tuşuna basmamla Gmail'den "Dosya mı ekleyecektiniz? İletinize "ekliyorum" yazdınız ancak dosya eklemediniz. Yine de göndermek istiyor musunuz?" şeklinde bir cevap gelmesi bir oldu. Aslında yazdığım kelime de "bekliyorum". Gene de takdir ettim, güzel uygulama!

A Takımı geliyor! Çocukluğumun televizyon dizisi, hey gidi! Deliler gibi izlerdim A Takımı'nı küçükken. A Takımı, Görevimiz Tehlike, Karaşimşek, MacGyver... A Takımı'nın bu yeni filmi güzel olacağa benziyor.

Gelecekteki evimde, girişteki duvarlardan birine gömme bisiklet yaptırmak istiyorum. Böyle yarı yarıya duvara sıkışmış gibi. Renk mavi olabilir.

Fablamaca ADD'ye geri dönüş yaptı, tamam.



Fablamaca decided to go back to ADD. (Ofcourse, it doesn't make sense.)

What is ADD? I need to find an English equivalent. Maybe I can call "The Thoughts That Fell In My Mind". TTTFIMM. Boy, that's funny! So this is a concept which I share small thoughts which are not enough to cover a whole story but also valuable enough not to share. 

As you can guess, Turkish and English thoughts will sometimes be slightly different. Sometimes not similar at all. Some of these thoughts won't make any sense in English like some other thoughts will not make any sense in Turkish. So, lets get going.

En Bi Hediyelik, a Turkish souvenir supplier company and also famous with their good quality pashminas and scarves, is preparing to give hundreds of rewards out via raffle to their fans. Only thing you need to do is to become a fan of their facebook page. You can reach the connection from here: Click!

Diesel has a brilliant campaign at the moment. I got this fantastic detail via video on facebook which posted by Bengü and it was too good not to share. It is called "Be Stupid". Already sounds good, eh? They have a very good subject (be stupid, watch the video) and they supported this with a simple but attractive website. In the website there is also a box which you can create your own poems with the given words but it's not so easy because your words are limited. You can save your poems to leave in the website so everybody can see and also you can download you image into your computer. There are my poems:

I listened Turkey's Eurovision song. I'm not so sure about it. What do you think? (I also listened the Turkish version and found it is actually a good song but it doesn't have the same spirit in English. I think it's a hard job to derive a song to another language from it's original language and in my opinion shouldn't be done.)

A-Team is coming! TV show of my childhood. I was crazy about them. A-Team, Mission Impossible, Night Rider, MacGyver... Good old days. This new film about A-Team seems to be a good one.

I want a pressed bike, integrated to the wall in my future apartment. Colour may be blue...

Fablamaca returned to TTTFIMM, over.


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Photo Challenge No:1 - Black & White

[Türkçesi aşağıda...]

Hello there!

Last wednesday I decided to challenge Kasia on a special photo challenge.You know Kasia, right? --> http://worqshop.blogspot.com/

Rules were simple:

- Who ever gets the best picture by voting wins.
- You have only one hour.
- You have to go around together. (So we'd end up with the same environment to picture.)
- You have a theme. (This time it was Black & White)

I'll be publishing our challenges from here for you to vote, so you'll decide who wins. Everytime we will choose 3 photographs each and I will put them here anonymously. By this means, you will not know who you are woting for. Fair enough?

There is a poll on the top right corner of the page. You can vote for only one photograpgh, choose the best. We also appreciate any kind of comments from you.

This is enough idle talk, eh? Here they are, the pictures of our very first photography challenge:

Challenge No:1 - Black & White

 (1) teddy by the window

(2) in her shoes

(3) early racing 

(4) the bags

(5) antiques

(6) coffee break

Don't forget to vote! We are counting on you!

See you next time...


Herkese selam!

Geçen çarşamba Kasia'yı bir fotografi yarışmasına davet ettim. Artık Kasia'yı tanıyoruz, değil mi? -->; http://worqshop.blogspot.com/

Kurallar basit:
- Her kim ki oylama sonucu seçilecek en iyi fotoğrafı çeker, o kazanır.
- Yalnızca 1 saat vaktin var.
- Etrafta birlikte dolaşmak zorundasın. (Böylece ikimiz de aynı ortamı fotoğraflamak durumunda kalıyoruz. )
- Takip etmek zorunda olduğun bir tema var. (Bu haftalık Siyah&Beyaz fotografi.)

Bu yarışmaları sizinle buradan paylaşacağım ve oylarınızla kimin kazandığına siz karar vereceksiniz. Her seferinde çektiğimiz fotoğraflardan kişi başı 3 tanesini sizlerle isimsiz olarak paylaşacağız. Böylece kime oy verdiğinizi bilmeden yalnızca fotoğrafları oylayacaksınız. 

Sayfanın sağ üst köşesinde bir oylama kutucuğu var. Buradan beğendiğiniz yalnızca bir fotoğrafa oy verebileceksiniz. Elbette her türlü yoruma da sonuna kadar açığız.

Daha fazla boş konuşmanın alemi yok sanırım. Fotoğraflar yukarıda. 

Oylamayı unutmayın. Size güveniyoruz!

Bir sonraki yarışmada görüşmek dileğiyle...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

My Dear Friends

I love my friends!

Do you love your friends?

First I wanted to introduce my new friend "browny" to you but then I though, "Why just him?" I have many more friends and yet they've been great and humble servants to me for a long time. So they deserve to be mentioned here.

What can I say? We are always together. I don't even go out without one of them. They always keep a good company and try to comfort me in any circumstances. They don't moan, don't complain. For them I'm always the first, always above.

My first friend I'll introduce is an old one. He's been with me since 2006 May and it's a long, long time. We've been to many places, many trips, many parties and many different weather conditions together and he proved himself as a strong, reliable and comfortable friend.

His name is “My Brown Adidas”. He was a birthday present to me from my sister, Esra. I never had a friend like him before, so I wasn't so sure at the beginning of our friendship but in time he proved me wrong. He was with me when I left Turkey for first time and came to England! I was wearing him when I visited London first time. He came with me to cold Stockholm in April 2008 and to the Netherlands straight afterwards. He kept my company in Mayfield, in Hever Castle, in Austria, in first time in Maidstone, in Germany, in Eastbourne, in Dunorlan Park, in my second time in York, under the Winnie the Pooh Bridge, when we played kabaddi first time in Rye, Camber Sands, for many times for ceroc, in Bodiam Castle, on the top of Seven Sisters, in Groombridge, in Ramsgate for camping and in Canterbury on the way back, when I played cricket for first time, in my second tour around England through Newcastle, Edinburgh and Belfast, in Warsaw and Krakow, in Hastings, in Tunbridge Wells and so on. He had been my favourite fellow traveller for a long time and now he is retired. He'll stay with me but he will give himself to sporty activities like running and playing football. God bless you my dear friend.

My next friend I'd like to introduce is also an old one: “My Green Nikes”. He is not less as a comrade than My Brown Adidas. Funny thing, our friendship was actually arranged by my sister. We'd never seen eachother until my sister came over with him to our house one day. Complete match! I never regreted. He companied me on my first “on my own” trip around England and Scotland which I visited Oxford, York, Edinburgh, Highlands, Loch Ness, Liverpool, Cornwal, Plymouth, Bournemouth, Salisbury and Stonehenge. Ofcourse we've been to many other places and he's been an excellent friend to me. He has so many stories to tell. I'm sure there'll be many other places to visit together. God bless you too my dear friend.

I'd also like to remember 2 other friends who are not among us anymore. First of all “My Black Leather Converses” who was my choise for a tough winter in İstanbul over boots and he managed to came to England with me and took part in many trips such as Winsdor Castle and Brighton trips but like all Conversekind, he lost his life too soon. After him “My Shiny Football Boots” who served me so well in all sporty activities like football, running and even tennis. One day I left him on recycling box and he misteriously vanished. I'm so sorry my friend. I only hope they are happy where they are as they truly deserved...
Here my other friends' pictures. They all have their stories but there is too much to tell. There are many more who are not with us anymore and they don't even have photos. Pity...
My Converselike Peacocks. We met in Cardiff while I was travelling with Kasia in Wales. He filled the Converse gap successfully but now he is so ill. God bless you my friend.
My Smart Shoes on the left and Skinnies on the right. They both serve well in their areas.

My Extra Shoes. Although I don't wear him often, he companied me very friendly in cold Mayfield days in the house when I didn't have any slippers. We met in "first maidstone day" which also makes him special. 

Today look downwards and say thank you to them. Without them life wouldn't be so easy! Grab a clean cloth and wipe them for a second to show how grateful you are. Their smile will be your reward.
And finally, my new friend, the fresh blood of our team, Fablamaca proudly presents, “Browny”!
 Dynamic and Energetic!

and Sexy!
About stories to tell, I never realized that My Green Nikes literally had a story to tell me for a very long time because I'd never looked this close before this photo shooting. If you look carefully, you'll see...


We'll say goodbye to you with a photo from our photo shooting which we enjoyed a lot. Thanks for reading and don't forget to say thanks to your "friends" today. 

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