Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Illustration Friday - Caged

This week's topic at Illustration Friday is "Caged".

I thought of drawing a cage or something similar in the first place but after spending some time on the idea, I managed to jump out of the box realized you don't really need a cage to be caged. You might get stuck anywhere, any time and it is not necessarily behind the bars. It might be your work, your school, your city, your country and even your planet. So this was the starting point of my inspiration and first I wanted to draw a human stuck on earth beneath colourful sky but then I looked further in the sky and I saw a little alien, who was stuck on an ugly, smelly planet and I promised him that I would share his story with you so if anyone has a space shuttle, they would know this cute little alien is waiting to be rescued.

There is my little friend, caged by his planet.

I really like this painting and Kasia says I'm getting better at this.

I hope you enjoyed.

See you another week;


Eric Barclay said...

Wonderful character!

muammerokumus said...


alican said...

Bende beğendim.. Çocuksu bir tarafi var ..Lekeleride iyi kullanmışsın. Senden her cuma yenilerini bekliyoruz. :))
Kolay gelsin.

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