Friday, 3 December 2010

fotoGra - Light

I'm starting to take part in a new kind of challenge: fotoGra!

Like every useful stuff, I found this thanks to Kasiko and it comes from this website:

They also do other challenges like fotolift (which you need to set the same conditions given and take a picture of it) so you better have a look!

This fotoGra's topic is "light". I have few pictures which I couldn't decide which one is my favourite, so I'll publish them all. They are all from our last visit to Turkey with Kash.

Here we go!
Lights from Bagdat Avenue/Istanbul
Lights from Tophane/Istanbul
Light from Ortakoy/Istanbul
Light from Findikli/Istanbul
Thanks for watching;


Bo said...

love all! of them

1 Simple Exercise To Beach Body Abs said...

I appreciate your effort for sharing this pictures.

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