Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I drew it! Yes, I did!

It's been such a long time!

It was few weeks ago, I started. The topic was "immovable" on Illustration Friday. I had a great idea and started drawing but time flies by like sand in our hands, through our fingers. I apologize from everyone but first from myself for being such a lazy bone! Time never stops and it never will. If we don't make the most of it, it is wasted. I hate wasting!

But I believe I didn't do too badly. At least I finished what I started. And now I am sharing with you.

For Illustration Friday, for the topic "immovable", I present, THE AVATAR AANG!

It was drawn by me, completely digitally on photoshop, using mouse and several photoshop tools and by refering several tutorials such as how to draw a rock, how to draw aang etc. but nothing is copied. For the tutorials, I'd like to thank to

So, that's it. I know some of you are complaining that I used to write and publish more but here is the deal. Drawing or painting takes a lot more time and energy and at the end you end up with a single drawing instead of pages of writing. It looks less but not less valuable. I am merely trying new things. That's a good thing!

Thanks for watching and see you soon;


Kasia said...

well at least paintings or drawings I can understand :P

ceren said...

fatih abiii süppeeeer olmuş bayıldım çizime =) ayrıca verdiğin site de çok makbule geçti teşkür ederim =))

fab said...

@Kasia: Oh you can understand much more than that! ;)

@Ceren: Sağol Ceren'ciğim, beğenmene sevindim. Sen de mi çizittiriyorsun benim gibi?

ceren said...

bişeyler yapmaya çalışıyorum =) pek bişeye benzemeseler de =D

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