Monday, 13 December 2010

Photo Challenge No: 2 - Christmas Signs

It's been a while since I started publishing Photo Challenges yet I published only one. It doesn't mean that we didn't carry on challenging ourselves. Oh yes, we did! I just didn't have time to publish them but they will all come. 

I'm going to share our very last challenge from 09.December.2010. When we went to London for my visa application, Kasia challenged me for "Christmas Signs". Any sight of this season, little pretty things come along with Christmas. I said, bring it on! 

So we spent a marvelous day out and took some pictures. Again they are open for your votes. You will decide which photograph has what it takes. Choose the best photograph which brings you the Christmas atmosphere the most. 

The photographs will be anonymous until the end of the poll. The poll is at the top right corner of the page. Vote for the number of the photo you like.

Here they are:


(1) Christmas Shopping

(2) Choosing the Right Ornament

(3) Christmas Me, Christmas You

(4) Barbie Wonderland

(5) Sweet Display

(6) Christmas Lights
Thank you for voting;
fab & kash

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