Monday, 26 April 2010

Photo Challenge No:1 and 10.000th Visitor of Mine

I'm here to make 2 announcements about 2 previous posts today:

Photo Challenge No:1 - B&W is concluded. After your votes, photographs were arranged as following:

According to this, I'm the winner of our first photo challenge. Thanks for voting! (What shall I get for myself?)

Also many thanks to Kash for participating.

Next photo challenge will take place soon in a very exciting place! Your votes are more than welcome.

10.000th Visitor of Mine: Malika!

Malika El-Fourasi became Fablamaca's 10.000th visitor with the comment she left:

Thank you for your loyalty Mali!
Malika's gift is going to be a very special, limited edition, hand made, wait for it....... FABLAMACA T-SHIRT! WOOOHOOOO!

This t-shirt will be the very first of its kind and be produced completely by me. (Primark accepted to be the sponsor for the garment.) Even I don't have one!

Congratulations Malika!!


Stay tuned! 
Fablamaca is beneficial for everyone!

1 comment:

the loyal reader Malika :) said...

yeeah,yeeeah,yeah! :) Can't wait for the shirt. Make sure it arrives in summer, so I can wear it without a jumper! ;)

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