Thursday, 15 July 2010

Illustration Friday - Diary

This week's topic at Illustration Friday is "Diary"

This illustration is a first for many aspects. First time I illustrated literally by hand, using pencil for Illustration Friday. First time I used mixed media for an illustration: Sketching, photography and digital manipulation. Another first (and the most important) is this is my first time inking and colouring in in photoshop and I absolutely loved it! It is easier than I though. I found some good tutorials on youtube and just followed the pattern. The result is more than satisfactory! I wanted to learn this tecnique for a long time and thanks to Kasia I gave it a go and after 5-6 days of trying, I have my first digital colouring example. 

I hope you like it too. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment. There is my illustration for this week's topic: Diary

Thanks for watching!


1. I borrowed the background pattern from the web. Googled it and it was on the first page. I hope I don't get myself in any trouble. =) Thanks guys! There is the website:

2. As I said I watched some tutorials on youtube. If you're interested, there are some links for you as well:


Malika said...

hey you! well done! looks good for your first digital inking! can't wait to see more pictures..:)

David Mcclain said...

Not too shabby. Good job on the coloring, very rich but not so saturated that it overwhelms the senses. The character's head does seem to have a bit of a skew to it however. I run into that sometimes when I'm drawing on a flat surface. From an angle it looks like you are drawing a circle, but when you hold the image up it's actually an oval. I could also recommend a bolder font on the cover type to strengthen the composition. Good job.

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