Sunday, 13 June 2010

Illustration Friday - Ripple

This week's topic in Illustration Friday is "Ripple". First I didn't know the meaning of this word but then I checked in the dictionary and on the web. Eventually this week's topic became quite inspiring for me. First time I freshly illustrated for IF and it helped me to understand what a great website and idea IF is. It can really inspire you.

Recently I'm quite into painting on a canvas (this is my second to be honest) and here it is my illustration for this week's topic. I call it "Ripple". (Surprise!)

I painted this last night after midnight although I had to go to work today. Late coming inspiration can be more pleasurable sometimes. After 2 o'clock I went to sleep happy and smiling. 

There is also a picture of the whole canvas for you:

I really like painting this 10x10cm canvases. Maybe I can go for bigger sizes soon. I'm really pleased with this one. 

I hope you enjoyed.

Hope to see you next week;


Kasia said...

wow it's so pretty! I cant believe! Looks really good Fab, I hope it's already on our wall! :)

Anonymous said...

lovely painting! i've just started to paint on canvas too, it's good fun.

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