Monday, 4 April 2011

Fablamaca değişti/has changed...

English? To the bottom please…

Pek değerli fabırcıklar.

Fablamaca uzun zamandır sessizdi ancak bu sessizliği büyük oranda İngiltere’den Türkiye’ye taşınma ve blogspot’un Türkiye’de saçma sapan bir nedenle engellenmesine bağlıydı.

Bu ve bazı diğer sebeplerden ötürü Fablamaca değişti. Dilerseniz metamorfoz geçirdi. 3’e, 4’e bölündü, bölünmeye de devam edecek.

Öncelikle Fablamaca Blogspot’dan, Tumblr’a geçiş yaptı:

Bu geçiş esnasında fotoğrafçılık merakı kendine ayrı bir yer edindi:

Bu genel fotoğraf blogunun yanı sıra bir de sadece dikey panoramalar için vertirama açıldı:

Son olarak da (şimdilik) dijital ve geleneksel çizim işleri de ayrı eve çıktı:

Şimdilik durum böyle. ana blog olarak kalıp, diğer bloglara abilik yapacak, onların yayınladıklarını da kendi üzerinde yayınlayarak size duyurmaya çalışacaktır.

Bunun üstüne yenileri de gelebilir ama u izlediğiniz sürece, hepsinden haberiniz olacak.

İşte böyle. İyi seyirler madem!


My dearest dear fabstriks!

Fablamaca was in a deep, deep silence for a long time but this was completely the result of moving from UK to Turkey and also the ridiculous ban that Blogspot has from Turkish goverment!

Related to this and some other reasons, Fablamaca changed. Went through a metamorphosis, if you like. Divided to 3, 4 and it will continue to do so.

First of all, Fablamaca switched from Blogspot to Tumblr:

During this transition photography had a new place:

Next to this general photography blog, also another blog was opened for vertical panoramas, vertiramic:

At last (for now) for digital and traditional drawings another place was hired:

This is the situation for now. will be the main blog and act like a big brother to the others, publish the others’ posts, etc.

There might be more soon but as long as you follow, you will know.

That’s it. Enjoy then.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Photo Challenge No: 3 - Warsaw at Night

Photo Challege No: 2 - Christmas Signs just concluded yet I'm at the presence of you with a new challenge!

On our holiday I didn't get lazy and Kasia organized a challenge for me with her good friend (and a damn good photographer) Łukasz. (It is pronounced "Wukash".)

As we are spending our 2 weeks holiday in Warsaw and partially because Łukasz is very busy working during the day, we chose a topic for night photography. Fablamaca proudly presents: Warsaw at Night!

Please vote for one or more photographs. As you know, we expect you to choose the best photograph representing the topic. In this case, best night photograph for Warsaw. 

The photographs are anonymous until the end of the challenge, as you know.

Enough words. Here are the candidates:


(01) Stalin's Gift
(02) Speed of Light
(03) Lift Off
(04) Untitled
(05) The New World Street 180°
(06) Warsaw 180°: The Point of View
Please vote for the best photograph(s) for you. The vote box is located in its regular place, top rigth corner of the page. 

Thanks for watching and the votes;

Special thanks: Łukasz for his hospitality and contribution.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Monday, 3 January 2011

Illustration Friday - Resolutions

Illustration Friday is asking me to illustrate my resolutions for 2011 this week. So I did one of them. This has been in the list of resolutions for few years, it is the first one to come to mind. 

This drawing is also special because it is first proper drawing with my new digital drawing tablet which is a Christmas gift from Kasia. Thanks babe! xxx

So there we go. My resolution for 2011 in the form of illustration:

6 packs

Yes, I want one of this for 2011. Or six of those. Or at least some of them. 

For your information it is copied from a photograph as an exercise. This the picture it was copied from:

Thanks for watching;

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Illustration Friday - Mail

This week Illustration Friday is seeking for illustrations around the topic "Mail".

Although "mail" has a very large meaning, first thing came to my mind was the poor envelopes which carries the precious letters in themselves,  shiled themselves to protect them, go from one hand to another until reaching the destination and at the end just to be murdered gruesomely!

I want to dedicate this post to all envelopes, who served their owner with their lives.

For all envelopes:

an envelope's tragedy
Thanks for watching;

Monday, 13 December 2010

Photo Challenge No: 2 - Christmas Signs

It's been a while since I started publishing Photo Challenges yet I published only one. It doesn't mean that we didn't carry on challenging ourselves. Oh yes, we did! I just didn't have time to publish them but they will all come. 

I'm going to share our very last challenge from 09.December.2010. When we went to London for my visa application, Kasia challenged me for "Christmas Signs". Any sight of this season, little pretty things come along with Christmas. I said, bring it on! 

So we spent a marvelous day out and took some pictures. Again they are open for your votes. You will decide which photograph has what it takes. Choose the best photograph which brings you the Christmas atmosphere the most. 

The photographs will be anonymous until the end of the poll. The poll is at the top right corner of the page. Vote for the number of the photo you like.

Here they are:


(1) Christmas Shopping

(2) Choosing the Right Ornament

(3) Christmas Me, Christmas You

(4) Barbie Wonderland

(5) Sweet Display

(6) Christmas Lights
Thank you for voting;
fab & kash

Friday, 3 December 2010

fotoGra - Light

I'm starting to take part in a new kind of challenge: fotoGra!

Like every useful stuff, I found this thanks to Kasiko and it comes from this website:

They also do other challenges like fotolift (which you need to set the same conditions given and take a picture of it) so you better have a look!

This fotoGra's topic is "light". I have few pictures which I couldn't decide which one is my favourite, so I'll publish them all. They are all from our last visit to Turkey with Kash.

Here we go!
Lights from Bagdat Avenue/Istanbul
Lights from Tophane/Istanbul
Light from Ortakoy/Istanbul
Light from Findikli/Istanbul
Thanks for watching;
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