Monday, 25 October 2010

Illustration Friday - Racing

Illustration Friday is asking us to illustrate "racing" this week. So I did!

I hope you liked it.

Also I followed a tutorial in order to create this illustration. I would like to thank him as well and maybe you can find it useful:

Thanks for watching;

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Illustration Friday - Spooky

This week Illustration Friday requires illustrations around the topic "Spooky" and I have just the scene in my archive!

This drawing was a poster for our Halloween Costume Party last year. It was a great party! I was Incredible Hulk!

Less talk, more illustration. There it is:

Conflict in the Halloween Village
And there is the poster itself:

Halloween Costume Party

 Thanks for watching;

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Illustration Friday - Transportation

This week's topic at Illustration Friday is "Transportation". I tried to think out of the box and there was an umbrella to use, so, with Kasiko's help I came up with this drawing. 

A little girl with a big imagination is travelling across the London sky at night with her red umbrella and red dress... Where is she going? Maybe to meet Harry Potter before he catches his train to Hogwarts from King's Cross, maybe somewhere else you know.


girl with the red umbrella, ela, ela

Thanks for watching;

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I drew it! Yes, I did!

It's been such a long time!

It was few weeks ago, I started. The topic was "immovable" on Illustration Friday. I had a great idea and started drawing but time flies by like sand in our hands, through our fingers. I apologize from everyone but first from myself for being such a lazy bone! Time never stops and it never will. If we don't make the most of it, it is wasted. I hate wasting!

But I believe I didn't do too badly. At least I finished what I started. And now I am sharing with you.

For Illustration Friday, for the topic "immovable", I present, THE AVATAR AANG!

It was drawn by me, completely digitally on photoshop, using mouse and several photoshop tools and by refering several tutorials such as how to draw a rock, how to draw aang etc. but nothing is copied. For the tutorials, I'd like to thank to

So, that's it. I know some of you are complaining that I used to write and publish more but here is the deal. Drawing or painting takes a lot more time and energy and at the end you end up with a single drawing instead of pages of writing. It looks less but not less valuable. I am merely trying new things. That's a good thing!

Thanks for watching and see you soon;
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