Sunday, 7 November 2010

Illustration Friday - Spent

Last week's topic at Illustration Friday was "spent". It gave me the idea of piggy bank but then this idea let me somewhere else and I ended up with the drawing below. It is also a bit late as the new topic "afterwards" came along but anyway, here I am!

The message in the drawing is in Turkish as it is a message more towards Turkish and Muslim worlds. It's nothing serious, more like a innocent joke. It asks "Does the money which come from the piggy bank legitimate?". It is an allusion to the issue of eating porke. As you know it is not allowed in Muslim culture.

That's it!

Piggy Bank

Thanks for watching;

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I accepted my friend Ozlem's challenge and against her marvelous illustration of me, I illustrated her!

First I looked for tutorials, cartoon style drawings etc. Challenge was big!

But then I thought "why look for another style?" I have my own style which was abandoned for a very long time. It might not reflect the reality most of the time, still, this style is something I can call "mine"!

I hope Ozlem appreciates too! 

Thanks for watching;

PS: Ozlem does brilliant illustrations and lomography. You better check her out:
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