Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Illustration Friday - Satellite

This week's topic at Illustration Friday is "Satellite". I didn't have time to do any fresh illustrations but I didn't want to miss out this chance to post some of my old drawings as I'm very much a "moon person" and I love the following drawings.

Here they are:

This one was illustrated for a short story of mine which was inspired after an injury I had back in 2005. The original story is in the following link but it is in Turkish...

Following illustrations are from the same short story I wrote in 2008 and it was inspired by one of my dreams (maybe a nightmare) about the bad things happening in my country (Turkey) and a lady was telling me it was about to be too late... Again you can visit following the link to see the original story but it is in Turkish...

So that's it for this week's illustraions.

Thanks for watching!

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