Saturday, 9 January 2010

Christmas and New Years Creativity

This year I had my first proper Christmas thanks to my girlfriend Kasia and our flatmate Graham. As Kasia Polish and Graham English, they wanted to have a perfect first Christmas in our flat and they even offered putting a crescent on the top of our Christmas tree instead of an angel, as Crescent is the sign of Muslim world. Cute! =)

We had a real, living Christmas tree (as the matter of fact, we still have) in the flat although I was against the idea of killing a tree but we solved this problem via having our baby tree in a pot and now we will return itself to the ground soon. I have to say, I kind of like having a real tree in the flat. It looks so good in all these decorations and blue lights. So lovely!

A close shot from our Christmas tree. Owls from Poland, thanks to Jagoda and Mihau (I know it's not the right spelling). You can also see one of our hand made Christmas decorations above.

English Christmas dinner on 25th from Graham. Delicious!

Polish Christmas dinner on Christmas eve from Magdalena. Amazing variety. It has to be at least 12 dishes as it's the tradition. Maybe someone Polish who reads this post might leave a comment and tell us the story.

So, thanks to the seasons spirit, I became more creative with Kasia (mostly I followed and helped her in what she was doing) and I'd like to share part of this creativity with you. It's a bit different than you normally see from me. More real and solid, rather than digital drawings, photography or writing.

I enjoyed a lot. I hope you will as well.

First of all our hand made
Christmas Decorations:

After this delight, now our
Ginger Biscuits:

And finally, my hand made
New Year Cards:

That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed.

I want to say good bye with a picture from our set to show you behind the scene.

Thanks for watching;

photography: fab
xmas decorations: fab & kash
baking ginger biscuits: kash , decorating: fab & kash
new year cards: fab, master: kash

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worQshop said...

wow it looks like you've had really good time :):) I'm pleased you enjoyed! :) It was great to have you around, seing you crafty and creative! Such a lovely christmas and new year :):)

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