Friday, 21 January 2011

Photo Challenge No: 3 - Warsaw at Night

Photo Challege No: 2 - Christmas Signs just concluded yet I'm at the presence of you with a new challenge!

On our holiday I didn't get lazy and Kasia organized a challenge for me with her good friend (and a damn good photographer) Łukasz. (It is pronounced "Wukash".)

As we are spending our 2 weeks holiday in Warsaw and partially because Łukasz is very busy working during the day, we chose a topic for night photography. Fablamaca proudly presents: Warsaw at Night!

Please vote for one or more photographs. As you know, we expect you to choose the best photograph representing the topic. In this case, best night photograph for Warsaw. 

The photographs are anonymous until the end of the challenge, as you know.

Enough words. Here are the candidates:


(01) Stalin's Gift
(02) Speed of Light
(03) Lift Off
(04) Untitled
(05) The New World Street 180°
(06) Warsaw 180°: The Point of View
Please vote for the best photograph(s) for you. The vote box is located in its regular place, top rigth corner of the page. 

Thanks for watching and the votes;

Special thanks: Łukasz for his hospitality and contribution.

1 comment:

kleryk kleryk said...


I'm student of architecture of warsaw university of technology, faculty architecture.
I found out that photo called "Stalin's gift" is preety awesome.
Do you know who is the owner and is it possible to get it in bigger resolution ?
I would like to use it in non commercial visualisation for my project at school.

It is verry urgent for me.


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