Monday, 3 January 2011

Illustration Friday - Resolutions

Illustration Friday is asking me to illustrate my resolutions for 2011 this week. So I did one of them. This has been in the list of resolutions for few years, it is the first one to come to mind. 

This drawing is also special because it is first proper drawing with my new digital drawing tablet which is a Christmas gift from Kasia. Thanks babe! xxx

So there we go. My resolution for 2011 in the form of illustration:

6 packs

Yes, I want one of this for 2011. Or six of those. Or at least some of them. 

For your information it is copied from a photograph as an exercise. This the picture it was copied from:

Thanks for watching;


today: elfprincess said...

get a six-pack of beer.. that's the only six-pack you need! :)

Wrinkle Cream Review said...

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