Sunday, 7 March 2010

Google Search Stories

Have you heard about "Google Search Stories"?

Maybe you have but honestly I just found them last night while searching for some recent ads. And I just love them!
What a brilliant idea that bringing up someone's google search as a story because it is a story, indeed. Everytime you search for something, there is a purpose behind it. Could you please look at yourself for a second. You need to get somewhere but you don't know the direction, what do you do? GOOGLE SEARCH! You need to find a book which you couldn't find in the book shop, what do you do? GOOGLE SEARCH! You need some information about your homework at school, what do you do? GOOGLE SEARCH!

Ok, this is not a news. I know that. The point is, all of these searchs have their story. You need to go that place because you need to meet that new girl you met 2 weeks ago at science museum. You need that book because it is a present for your mum who madly in love with author's all works and you want to surprise her with this just released book because you want to have the car for the weekend to go to that bla bla festival. You also need to work that homework out otherwise Mrs. Smith will kick your ass so hard at school for this homework is your last chance to pass her lesson and so on. 

From this point of view every search is unic and special because they all serve for different purposes and are a part of different stories. 

We are so well connected with the technology, so that I can't imagine not having google around. I can do without internet, with out facebook for instance but it feels like google is so essential and I find this amazingly awkward! For example I don't know when I checked one of those big, yellow paged phone books last time to find a number. Do you? It is history now. What do we do? GOOGLE SEARCH! it's that simple. If you asked an elementary student, you'd get the same answer, GOOGLE IT!

I also realized, every writing of mine is another search story. If I'm not sure about a phrase or idiom I google it to make sure it is correct. Here we go! Yet another story.

This is enough prattle. I'll leave you with my favourite search story, Parisian Love but I simply love them all. There are only 8 of them so far. I also reccomend "Out of Office" and "Winter Games" but I'm pretty sure you'll watch all of them. Because we are all curious about stories.


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