Sunday, 28 June 2009

a good, old friend of ours...


Cecil was more than a car for us.

He was more than a white hatchback Honda Civic.

He was a friend!

A humble servant...

A loyal companion...

A fellow traveller with a great sense of humour.

Cecil was always punctual!

He would never leave you half way.

Never complained about any distance we put him through.

He did not complain when we ended up with dense fog.

He did not complain when Malika drove him into a wet lawn middle of a night.

Although he was passed by a public bus on a hill, he went and all the way to the east coast and came back without a problem.

He was a survivor!

He might look small but always had enough space for all of us.

Maybe he had a small engine but he had the biggest heart!

He was always there when we needed him. Anytime, anywhere...

It's hard to believe he is gone now.

He went for a regular check, healthy and fit, and never came back!

Cecil was more than a car. The best au pair car ever! He will always live in our hearts. His great memory will never be forgetten...

His close friend "Clara" (our lovely navigation system) has couple of words for him:

"I've been honored to get a chance to drive with such a great friend. He drove any direction I led, even they weren't correct all the time. I can't believe he's gone forever! I will never forget him. They can put me in any other cars but I'll never find a better companion then him. I want to say one more thing for him: 'Cecil. Turn around when it's possible. And come back home! That is not your destination at all...' "

We lost our friend.
Who was the best.
Who loved by many...

Good bye Cecil! Your great memory will never be forgetten!

Dedicated in loving memory of Cecil.

Rest in peace my friend...

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